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What Escorts Think About Their Clients

As a current user of escort services, or as a person considering their use, you may wonder how escorts perceive their clients. This thought usually emerges as a result of wanting to be seen in a good light in the future, or as a result of wondering if your last interaction with an escort was less than desirable.

The bad news is escorts start forming their impressions at the first point of contact and there are several factors that come together to form the final impression. The good news, however, is that you have complete control over all these factors, and you can use that to your advantage.


As stated before, escorts start forming an impression when communication is first initiated. Typically, an escort will advertise on some platform and a prospective client will respond to the advertisement with an indication of a desire to use these services. Escorts may turn down business with a potential client since the first conversation was less than desirable. Escorts are humans and enjoy being treated as such, therefore, those who call and talk to them as if they are glorified sex objects are thought of as pigs at best. On the flip side, escorts look forward to doing business with those who are on the more respectful side.


This is the next factor for consideration. This is where the client meets the escort and there are quite a few variables here from which escorts draw conclusions. These include punctuality, appearance, interactive ability, and hygiene. All of these are equally important and if even one is off, it could lead to a bad impression being left on the escort. Therefore, it is generally advised that users of escort services practice good hygiene, dress well, be punctual and communicate clearly and confidently. Once this is done an escort generally has a good impression at this point.

Service Use

Escorts pay attention to the way in which their services are being used and this also has bearing on the impression that is formed. Is the client trying to get a service that was not initially agreed upon? Did the client tip the escort? Was the communication throughout respectfully maintained? Does the client show regard for the escort as an individual throughout the use of the service? All these factors are important, but the same rule applies here. Once the client even remotely maintains the behavior of a civilized human being then there’s usually not a bitter taste left in the mouth of the escort.


With all that has been said above, you’re probably thinking to yourself that no definitive answer was given to the initial question of what escorts think of their clients. However, that’s exactly the point. There’s no set impression that escorts have of all their clients. It’s a subjective basis and different opinions are formed on different clients. The point is that there are several areas that are factored into the overall impression and so the performance of the client in these areas is where the answer comes from.

How to Stay Safe with Escorts

If you’re interested in using escort services, you’ve probably considered the fact that there are some safety concerns that it would be a good idea to address. We live in a world where there are seemingly as many persons with malicious intent, as there are those with well-meaning intentions.

There’s no such thing as being too safe and putting certain precautions in place can make the difference between a great time and a disaster. Below is a brief overview on what you can do to ensure that you stay safe when using the services of escorts.

For the purpose of this piece, the concept of safety will be broken into two parts as there are two ways in which this can be interpreted. First, there is safety in the sense of being secure, and second, there is safety in the sexual sense for those looking to travel down that road with escorts.


The first aspect to be tackled is that of security. In almost every aspect of life, you must ensure that you are making decisions in the interest of self-preservation and using escort services is no different. The excitement that comes with the idea of spending time with an attractive individual dedicated to your happiness can cause people to overlook some very important areas.

The whole process begins with finding an escort. While escorts mostly advertise online, there are scammers and criminals that also register with sites with the intention of taking advantage of unsuspecting people looking for a great time. To avoid run ins with these kinds of people, you should ensure that you use reputable sites like when looking for independent escorts. Alternatively, you can use an escort service to avoid these kinds of worries. One of the biggest indicators that a profile is fake is the image used. Avoid escort profiles with no pictures and google search the images of others to see if they were simply lifted from other sites. Also, if a single escort has listings in various locations, then chances are something is off as that is physically impossible.

Once you’ve found and arranged to meet an escort, you should be careful of the meeting place that you choose. Ensure your meeting space is well lit and public enough to be a repellant for unscrupulous activities.


Not everyone has sex with the escorts they use, however, there are many exceptions. While escorts usually appear to be in good health and professionals generally ensure they are, you need to treat the encounter as having sex with a stranger. You don’t know this person’s history, nor do you know if this person is suffering from any ailments and so you need to protect yourself as well as possible.

The best way to do this is to avoid any form of unprotected sex with escorts. Even if they do offer the service, this is an unrecommended decision and you should always at least ensure that a condom is used considering that they are inexpensive.