Using escort services should be a straightforward and simple process. However, for many reasons, what should be a great experience sometimes turns sour and becomes something else entirely. Escorts are in this line of work for profit, however, they do condition their minds to be dedicated to the complete satisfaction of their clients. Though this is the case, the moment their minds are turned from that objective, the entire date can go sour very quickly. You must bear in mind that escorts are humans with feelings and should be treated as such. Being courteous has never hurt anyone and it is something that you should always practice when using escort services. This is a guide to assist you by outlining some of the simplest ways to be courteous with escorts.


This is where most clients fall flat and cause the service to be less than optimal. The communication starts from the moment a potential client indicates an interest in the escort’s services. What you should do here is begin with a pleasantry (e.g., good evening), and indicate your interest in the advertised service. Think about the way you would speak when calling someone who advertised a house for rent or sale. You are to speak to the escort in the same way and ensure that you are on the same page before attempting to set up an appointment.


Do you know what’s the worst thing someone can do to a service provider? Have no respect for the service whatsoever. So, imagine the feeling when you’re selling time to a person that has no respect for your time. Of course, that isn’t a pleasant experience and it may irritate you right off the bat.

Remember that time is what escorts use to make a living so don’t book two hours, show up half an hour late, then still expect two hours. It’s been proven that persons who show up early and must wait start the date off in an irritated state. It’s never a good experience to deal with an escort that has lost interest in your satisfaction.


This one feeds into escorts being people and needing to be treated as such. Apart from the impression left, how comfortable do you think it is to be on any outing with someone who decided to do something like not showering? Of course, this sounds horrendous, yet people feel the need to be absolutely disgusting and not practice proper hygiene ahead of meeting an escort.

Do not be one of those persons and ensure you do all the necessary things such as showering, brushing your teeth, shaving, and dressing well ahead of your meeting with an escort.


This is arguably the only entry on this list that is not necessarily required. However, tipping your escort if you enjoy the service indicates that he/she did her job well and gives a great morale boost. This is also a consideration if you intend to do repeat business with this escort in the future.